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JCK Fight Night 75 Results: Bian Ye Upsets Zheng Xiaoliang

JCK's flyweight division has a new contender on their hands.

Bian Ye took out the much more experienced Zheng Xiaoliang in the main event of JCK Fight Night 75, winning a unanimous decision from the judges. The fight mostly unfolded on the mat, with Bian slightly getting the better of the grappling exchanges. All three judges scored it 29-28 for Bian.

In the co-main event, Longyun MMA's Tedanrange battered Siyimuke Tuohedahong, presenting the second round stoppage by TKO. A jab-cross combo dropped Siyimuke, and Tedanrange pegged him with a knee to the face as he dropped.

See below for the full results from JCK Fight Night 75, as well as the announced JCK Fight Night 76 card for December 16th:


Bian Ye def. Zheng Xiaoliang via Unanimous Decision

Tedanrange def. Siyimuke Tuohedahong via TKO (Jab, Cross, and Knee) in R2

Hu Tao def. Chen Jiaqing via Unanimous Decision

Xiang Guangwei def. Yixichilie via Submission (Guillotine Choke) in R2

Ma Ye def. Yeerbole Tajialike via Unanimous Decision

Tuolie Bahatihan def. Ma Lin via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in R1

BW Semifinals: Hu Tao def. Li Kaiwen via Unanimous Decision

BW Semifinals: Alibieke Nasierwula def. Chen Jiaqing via Unanimous Decision

*Alibieke Nasierwula withdrew from the tournament after his win over Chen Jiaqing, and was replaced by Chen in the finals.

JCK FIGHT NIGHT 76 - DECEMBER 16th in Shanxi, China

Nigedan vs. Shamuhaer Aidelibieke

Luozhoujiangcuo vs. Apingshila

LW Finals

Naertai Kezibayi vs. Reginaldo Vieira

Nuerjieketi Tieliuwubieliegen vs. Yihuoage

Abudula Dayimu vs. Qubiguqian

LW Semifinal: Xiao Yinfeng vs. Zhao Zhenglong

LW Semifinal: Liu Yongqiang vs. Zhong Zhenjie

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