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A platform just for Asian MMA fighters.

MMA Ecosystem launched as an Instagram page in 2021 to bring Chinese MMA news deeper into the spotlight of English-speaking MMA fans. Now, MMA Ecosystem is a YouTube page, a weekly podcast, and has a presence on Twitter/X, TikTok and Facebook.

In addition to covering the Chinese MMA news beat, MMA Ecosystem brings the fighters, stories, and exciting events of Asian countries like Kazakhstan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and more into hands of fans across the world. Simple, to the point, and timely, MMA Ecosystem is looking to connect the hard-working athletes of emerging MMA markets to the rest of the fanbase.

Chris Presnell, owner of MMA Ecosystem, still cherishes his time living in China during his college years. After years of struggling to find news updates from the country he once called home, he finally set out to create the MMA media space he'd always wanted- a reliable way to stay current on Asian MMA, in English.

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